Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Beauly Priory - 8

This is my favourite view of the Priory! The east end is in remarkably good state of repair.

In about 1510 the priory changed its adherence to the Cistercian order. Substantial further work took place on the church under Prior Robert Reid in 1541, after lightning damage. Reid also held many other offices and is perhaps better known as the Bishop of Orkney and the founding father of Edinburgh University.

After the Reformation the priory fell into disuse, and the lead was removed from the roof in 1582. Much of the priory became a quarry used for its stone during the construction of other buildings in the town: and it is said that some of the stone was carted off for use in the citadel built in Inverness by Oliver Cromwell's forces in 1652.

Today marks the start of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

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