Saturday, 29 January 2011

Beauly Priory - 18

Following the Solemn Mass, Procession and Marian Devotions, the Bishop of Aberdeen hosted a lunch party for the clergy at the Lovat Arms Hotel.

The lunch was held in a Private Dining Room at the rear of the hotel. The food and service were excellent. Below you will find the dinner menu for the main restaurant.

-- Starters--

Homemade Soup of the Day (please ask server) £3.25
Served with the slice of freshly baked bread
The Lovat Arms Very Own Cullen Skink £4.75
A creamy Traditional Broth of leeks, potatoes and oak smoked haddock
Highland Haggis Tower £4.75
Topped with a red onion marmalade and served on a crisp potato crouton
Loaded Potato Skins £4.50
With bacon, mozzarella and sweet chilli jam, presented on crisp salad leafs
Grilled Goats Cheese and Tomato Salad £4.50
Served with crispy croutons and balsamic syrup
Smoked Salmon and Cocktail Prawn Salad £5.95
Chicken Liver Parfait £4.75
Enhanced with brandy and cream, served with red currant jelly & oatcakes

-- Pasta Dishes --

Smoked Salmon Slices, Herbs & a hint of Lemon £8.25
Combined with linguine pasta and parmesan sauce
Spiced Ratatouille £7.25
Penne pasta topped with melting mozzarella cheese
Baked Lasagne £7.95
Traditional beef bolognaise hand layered and topped with a rich cheese sauce accompanied with garden lettuce leafs, French fries & garlic bread

-- Main Meals --

Poached Smoked Haddock £7.95
Simply poached smoked haddock served on a bed
of mash potatoes infused with sautéed leeks
topped with a parsley sauce
Lovat's Chicken Stack £8.25
Grampian chicken topped with bacon and
smoky BBQ sauce, glazed with mozzarella cheese
with house salad, French fries or buttered potatoes
Pie of the Day (please ask server) £8.50
Served with selection of vegetables and
buttered potatoes
Chicken Curry £7.95
Marinated chicken in medium spices bound with
an aromatic curry sauce with Basmati rice and crisp poppadom
Scotch Lamb Shoulder £10.25
Prepared in our own secret marinade,
slowly braised and rested on a leek mash
with a red wine demi-glaze
The Highlander £11.50
Rolled escalope of venison stuffed with
Highland haggis and napped with whisky and onion sauce,
served with medley of vegetables and buttered potatoes

-- From The Grill --

Roast Gammon Steak £9.25
8oz gammon steak with caramelised pineapple
or double fried egg
Grampian Chicken £8.25
Breast of chicken simply grilled
Double Boneless Loin of Pork £9.25
8oz Sirloin Steak £14.75
10oz Sirloin Steak £16.25

All meals from the grill are served with Seasoned Tomato,
Battered Onion Rings, Field Mushrooms
and Chips or Buttered Potatoes

-- Homemade Sauces --

Pink Peppercorn Cream Sauce with the Hint of Whisky £2.50
Red Wine Demi-glaze £2.50
Strathdon Blue Cheese Sauce £2.50
Barbecue Sauce £2.50

There was much merriment at the lunch table, because we had all been required to make our choice before the day, and to inform the Dean of our requirements. Some of those present 'changed their mind' when they saw how much nicer was the choice of someone else. The waiting staff were getting in quite a state with all these 'white' lies, and so the Dean had to restore order by solemnly reading out the details as recorded on his spreadsheet. I am not sure whether anyone had to go to the Bishop for confession, but am pleased to report that I told the truth. What a good job this was all in private!

I hope you have enjoyed our visit to Beauly. Why not visit it yourself sometime?

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