Friday, 29 May 2009

The Joy of the Resurrection - 48

Here we see the lovely cross from Poland which is in the Lady Chapel.


John the organist said...

The third day of sitting around with a bad back so have been looking at your lovely pictures of the islands and reading the Scotland guide books. Could we manage Skye and Orkney I wonder? Liz keen to get to Stornaway so I reckon Ullapool and then up from there to Orkney. Loch Ness is a must and couple of railways near Aviemore! Any good organs to play? Your advice needed!

Peter Simpson said...

Hope your back gets better soon. Your itinerary sounds perfectly feasible if you are planning to spend a week in the Highlands and Islands. St Mary's Catholic Church in Inverness has quite a reasonable organ. St Michael and All Angels in Inverness is having a completely new organ built. I do not know whether it will be completed in time for your visit.

John the organist said...

Thanks that's helpful!