Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Joy of the Resurrection - 35

Hail thee, Festival Day!
Blest day that art hallowed for ever;
Day when the Church, Christ's bride,
Is to her bridegroom espoused.

I have loved All Saints' Day ever since I worshipped at All Saints', Margaret Street, London for 8 years during the 1970's. Now the day will mean even more to me, as it will also be our Dedication Festival at St Columba's, Culloden.


Anonymous said...

Yes Peter! But do you like my Morecame & Wise post?

Edbowie said...

That Hymn is usually sung to a tune by RVW that can be tricky for non musicians

Peter Simpson said...

I really like the RVW tune! In my boyhood days at St Aidan's Leeds it was alway introduced on the solo tuba at the start of a procession right round the church. I do miss such festivities today. The boys sang the odd numbered verses, the men the even, and everyone joined in the chorus. It was great! We sang versions of the hymn on Easter Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost, and the Dedication Festival.

Peter Simpson said...

Jackie - I enjoyed the Morcambe & Wise breakfast act very much - but the references to Archbishop Nichols and Mr Jennings were rather lost on me! I guess it must be a bit of a closed joke for the Archdiocese of Birmingham. I shall have to come and visit the Oratory one of these days and learn about your ways in the Midlands.

John the organist said...

The RVW tune Salve festa dies is great but alas our priest in charge doesn't like it and so it and Thornbury (Thy hand O God has guided) are not sung at Coulsdon these days! Shame! It does need a big choir.

Peter Simpson said...

John - what a pity! We had 'Thy hand O God has guided' to Thornbury at my ordination in 1997.