Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Joy of the Resurrection - 32

Here we see the main body of the church - with seating for 200 people. I am pleased to report that at Sunday Mass there are few empty chairs.

The church fits in well with the local area, and worshippers have splendid views of the surrounding countryside, with the 'Hills of the North' in the distance.


Sharon said...

Is there any plan to have any statues or stained glass windows? What does the tabernacle look like?

I have to say Peter, that I find this building cold and sterile looking. There is nothing I can see here which would say to me "you are on holy ground." The building looks more like a school lecture theatre, or my daughter's Guides Hall than the house of God. Do the people who consented to this building really think that this was the way to show God honour?

In defense, of course, it can be said that "God doesn't care how we worship Him" but we should care about how we worship the One who created us out of nothing and only His care keeps us in existence. We show that care in reverence, in the way we dress and in the way we build the churches in which we offer praise and worship in the Sacrifice of the Mass.

We made my grandmother's room as beautiful as possible to show our love and respect for her; surely the same should be done for the house of God?

Peter Simpson said...

I hope my parishioners don't see your comment - I think they would be very upset. They have worshipped for the past 25 years in a School Sports Hall and raised £250,000 towards the cost of the new building. With around 100 families in the congregation, this is an average of £2,500 a family - quite an achievement. The Diocese has lent us the other £500,000, but on condition that the new building would be suitable for hosting deanery and diocesan meetings etc. Geographically Inverness is the centre of the diocese, not Aberdeen, and the Bishop wanted a central conference and meeting area. So our building is designed to be multi-purpose, and I am sure that the Good Lord approves.

You will see a photo of the tabernacle in tomorrow's posting. There is no intention for any stained glass - and we don't want any! The views from our plain glass windows raise the heart to heaven! We have two statues in the church - one of the Sacred Heart and one of Our Lady with the Child Jesus.

Most of us love our new church building -I certainly know that I do! Our secular functions (such as bingo nights) not only raise money to help pay off our substantial debt, but also bring non-Catholics into the church. I would not be surprised if next Easter we have at least one person being received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church or Baptised. That is certainly my prayer.

As the hymn puts it so well, 'God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform!'

JoannaB said...

I think the Church looks very inviting and open. The chairs look lovely and they can be used for social functions as well. I think people would feel very welcome coming in there and also I hope that you get lots of visiting speakers and priests - it looks like a great venue for a talk.