Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Baptist Church

Here is a photo of Inverness Baptist Church - a rather impressive building.

Whilst it is sad that we don't share the Lord's Table with other Christians, it is particularly sad that this particular denomination does not recognise baptisms performed in other churches. Let us pray that we will soon be in full communion with the people who belong to the Baptist Church.


Deacon Pat said...

You have a great blog. I enjoyed the reading of it. God's peace to you and your ministry.

Deacon Pat

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks for the compliment. There are so many blogs these days, and I just 'do my own thing'. I amazes me how many people in the USA read it. A friend suggested that I make an 'Apostolic Trip' there one of these days - though I don't think I have quite the pulling power of Benedict XVI! Of course, compared with some blogs, I am just small fry. 'The hermeneutic of continuity' has recently clocked up over 1 million visits.