Friday, 30 January 2009

The A9 in Inverness

The A9 trunk road runs for 273 miles from just north of Edinburgh to Thurso. At Inverness it passes over the Moray Firth by Kessock Bridge - shown in this picture.

My new house is in a development called Kessock View. Fortunately I do not have a view of Kessock Bridge - rather I have one of the Moray Firth and the Black Isle beyond. Bishop Tripp was most impressed with the view when he visited me on Wednesday. He said the lunch was pretty good too - all from Marks & Spencer!


John the organist said...

So glad you saw Bishop Tripp. He was invited to our circle 1000th meeting at Fairfield Halls on Feb 9th but cannot come. He celebrated Mass at our 700th meeting.

Peter Simpson said...

I have sent you a photo of the happy occasion! The Bishop was in very good form. The 700th meeting was presumably in February 1984. Hope your 1000th meeting is a great success.