Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Farewell to Latymer - 23

As the sky shows - we did have a downpour during the barbecue - but it was brief, and the sun soon came out once more!

Our thoughts are very much on gardens today, as we celebrate the Feast of St Mary Magdalene.

Walking in a garden at the break of day,
Mary asked the gardener where the body lay;
But he turned towards her, smiled at her and said:
'Mary, spring is here to stay, only death is dead'.

I'm sure it didn't rain on that first Easter Sunday. There is no record of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus running for shelter - as we all did at the barbecue.

Happy Feast!


Edbowie said...

A Feast? You would think so, but no a Memoria. Odd that St Bridget who is celebrated the following day is accorded a Feast yet Mary Magdelene who features in the Gospel and who is the first to encounter the risen Christ is only accorded is only accorded a Memoria. Me thinks that the head liturgical Honcho has got it wrong !

Peter Simpson said...

Well said! St Barnabas (11 June) is another day that springs to mind - again just a Memoria. The Church of England gets a lot of bashing these days - well at least it keeps these two great days as feasts! The other day I would like to see 'promoted' is the Transfiguration of the Lord (6 August) - this time from Feast to Solemnity. I understand that the calendar is about to be re-examined, in an attempt to bring the Ordinary Rite and the Extra-ordinary Rite more into line with each other. Perhaps Mary Magdalene will be promoted?

Edbowie said...

Indeed, as well as the Transfiguration, Candlemas is another candidate for promotion.If you ever happen to be in Winchester Cathedral or Westminster Abbey, on 6 August, you will see on their respective High Altars wonderful frontals, by Harriet Wyatt, depicting the Transfiguration. The Abbey also use this frontal, which was first used on Easter Day 1905, on each Ascension Day.