Friday, 11 July 2008

Farewell to Latymer - 12

No prizes for guessing which version of the Gloria we sang!

I am a great fan of the Anderson Gloria - though it has been banned at St Thomas Aquinas, Ham and I have never heard it sung in Westminster Cathedral. The young people who worship in the Chapel of the Resurrection love it!

It is No 225 in the BBC Songs of Praise Hymn Book - and it does not go down well when we omit singing it during Advent and Lent!


John the organist said...

I wonder why it it is never heard at the cathedral? Kids love it!

Peter Simpson said...

It is beyond me why some priests take such a dislike to it! It seems ideal for Children's Masses - it keeps fairly close to the 'real' text of the Gloria, and has a festive feel. Even very young children can join in the refrain (in Latin!) and in the hand clapping. Quite unlike the 'Peruvian Gloria' which of course is based on the 'Glory be to the Father...' at the beginning of the Office - and is in no way the Gloria of the Mass.