Monday, 14 July 2008

Farewell to Latymer - 15

I note that one or two of the younger members of the congregation were not paying full attention during the singing of 'All things bright and beautiful.'

Well, to be fair, it had been a rather long homily!


Jackie Parkes said...

Wish my boys would wear shorts...school uniform here only allows long..oops sorry you were saying something about the liturgy! lol

Peter Simpson said...

I know what you mean! I enjoy wearing shorts at home in the summer - they are so much more comfortable. However, I should add that I never wear them in church under my vestments!

John the organist said...

Why not? Much more comfortable - I have worn them to play for a wedding under my robes of course!

Peter Simpson said...

I have only attended Mass in shorts when on holiday - I would not be happy doing so under 'normal' circumstances, when I think dress should be reasonably formal. I would think it unfair on the rest of the congregation to say 'I can get away with it, because I am wearing an alb'! I have quite a job at Ham getting the servers to come in 'reasonable' clothes to wear under their cassocks and cottas. I am happy for a boy to wear shorts, but not a man. I think you can make a case for the organist wearing shorts - as you have all the pedals to cope with! On a trivial note - I have often wondered what does the Pope wear under his cassock - all you see is socks! Of course, this problem will not arise in Scotland, where I shall be wearing a kilt at all times!