Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Shrove Tuesday

Today we have to bid farewell to a dear friend! We shall not hear this word again until Easter Sunday.

Alleluia, song of sweetness,
Voice of joy, eternal lay;
Alleluia is the anthem
Of the choirs in heavenly day,
Which the angels sing, abiding
In the house of God alway.

Alleluia, thou resoundest,
Salem, mother, ever blest;
Alleluias with ending,
Fit yon place of gladsome rest;
Exiles we, by Babel's waters,
Sit in bondage and distrest.

Alleluia we deserve not
Here to chant for evermore:
Alleluia our transgressions
Make us for a while give o'er;
For the holy time is coming,
Bidding us our sins deplore.

Trinity of endless glory,
Hear thy people as they cry;
Grant us all to keep thy Easter
In our home beyond the sky;
There to thee our Alleluia
Singing everlastingly.

This lovely ceramic usually hangs outside the entrance to the Chapel of the Resurrection. However, I shall be removing it this evening. I shall be starting a new mini-series of blogs tomorrow on Psalm 51.

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Anonymous said...

hey peter talking about ressurections its ur old pals jeremy colgan douglas gibson. we were having a bite to eat in nyc and thought we'd see what was wot with the old scout leader. so how's tricks? jeremy