Friday, 10 August 2007

The sunset and the morning that brightens up the sky

I took this photo on the banks of the River Tay at 10.00 pm on Thursday 2 August. The sun had just set and it was starting to get dark.

Now the day is over,
night is drawing nigh,
shadows of the evening
steal across the sky.

Now the darkness gathers,
stars begin to peep,
birds and beasts and flowers
soon will be asleep.

I'm afraid to have to tell you that I was never up early enough to photo the sunrise - you will just have to imagine it!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful picture..breathtaking! & i liked your reflection..please can we have the sunrise next time? lol

God bless

Peter Simpson said...

I'll do my best - but it is around 5.15 am at the beginning of August. Summer days in Scotland are longer than in England!