Sunday, 19 August 2007

Dunkeld Cathedral

Dunkeld Cathedral must have been a magnificent building when it was used for Catholic worship - sadly, all that changed at the Protestant Reformation, and most of the lovely Cathedral was destroyed and left in ruin - as this photo of the West End and tower shows.

Only the East end (choir and sanctuary) were saved, and eventually turned over to Church of Scotland worship. I am puzzled why they still refer to the building (the Kirk) as the Cathedral, because the Church of Scotland has no bishops (and no priests) - just 'Ministers'. The Sanctuary contains no altar - just a wooden Communion Table, as obviously the Sacrifice of the Mass is not offered. The simple furnishings seem rather minimalist in his beautiful building - but sadly the same comment could be made today of many Catholic churches.

There is a lovely organ at the West end of the Kirk (where the chancel arch used to be before it was bricked up).

Let us pray for the Minister and all attending Divine Worship in the building at 11.00 am today. We pray that one day the sad divisions in the Christian family will cease.


John the organist said...

Wow - look at that organ!

Peter Simpson said...

I have not heard it -but I imagine it sounds magnificent.

I like your 'new look' blog - we are making Fr Mark look a bit traditional! Of course he likes Roman vestments - I much prefer Gothic!

Tony said...

Oh how it exudes Catholicity, crying out for the sweet tones of Catholic worship as it experienced so long ago. It is a shame, as you infer Peter that so many contemporary Catholic churches don't borrow from the Catholic excellence of old!

Peter Simpson said...

Thanks, Tony, for your comment. I like the bit in the Gospels about the scribe who brings out of his store the best of what is new and old.

There are some aspects of the Modern Roman Rite that I like very much - but it saddens me when people look on any solemnity as 'old fashioned'!

Some of the 'music' one hears at Mass today would get a very bad rating in the secular world. This can hardly be worthy of Almighty God.

The Epiphany Artist said...

Beautiful pictures thanks!

Tony said...

Peter, I quite agree with you. Though I am biased toward the conservative, it must surely be only the most insensitive who would not find the use of bongo drums, bass guitar, and excessive volume as banal. In my mind there is nothing as reverent as Gregorian Chant and the organ.