Friday, 17 August 2007

Pitlochry Railway Station

This board at the entrance to the station explains that it took less than 2 years to build the 104 miles of track between Dunkeld and Inverness. The new station at Pitlochry was opened in 1863. Nowadays there is just one train a day (in each direction) between London Kings Cross and Inverness - the 550 mile journey taking just under 8 hours. Here is a photo of the GNER train (the Highland Chieftain) leaving Pitlochry on it's journey Northward.

I found the railway line very handy with my bike. I was able to go for a ride many miles from Dunkeld, and then put it on the train (free of charge) for the journey home. Here is my bike travelling in style between Blair Athol and Dunkeld.

The Heron, by the way, refers to the very ornate water fountain on the platform at Pitlochry Railway Station.

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