Sunday, 17 June 2007

My August Lodge

In addition to owning two weeks of timeshare in Coylumbridge (Cairngorms National Park), I also own two weeks in Dunkeld (on the banks of the River Tay). I have one week in late April, and one week in late July/early August.

Here is my 'August Lodge' photographed at the end of May. This is my favourite lodge - and the most luxurious! It is very much hidden away in the trees and has the most wonderful views.


John the organist said...

How lovely! What a delightful day yesterday. May I quote on my blog your comment about becoming a Catholic because of the scriptures at Mass, also your comments about hymns. Or maybe you prefer to put this on your blog?

Peter Simpson said...

Yes it was a splendid day yesterday - I shall remember it for many years to come. The Church is blessed having Fr Richard as a priest.

By all means put my comments about Scripture and hymns on your blog!