Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Lost Sheep

Whilst I have been doing my mini-series on the Scottish Highlands, the Church has been celebrating a number of important feasts:- the Holy Trinity; Corpus Christi; and last Friday - the Sacred Heart.

The Gospel for the Feast of the Sacred Heart (Year C) is the parable of the lost sheep from Luke Chapter 15. The good shepherd rejoices when he finds his lost sheep. Jesus - The Good Shepherd, rejoices when a lost soul is found.

I was lost; but Jesus found me,
found the sheep that went astray,
raised me up, and gently led me
back into the narrow way:

Yes, I'll sing the wondrous story
of the Christ who died for me,
sing it with his saints in glory,
gathered by the crystal sea.

1 comment:

John the organist said...

This is a great hymn Peter sung to Hyfrodol!