Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Join our happy throng!

Here are some happy faces photographed at a Chapel service earlier this week.

We really do make something of Easter in the Chapel of the Resurrection - and our festivities continue throughout the Great Fifty Days. Not only did we sing lots of alleluias - we also feasted on pizza, salmon, sausages, garlic bread, chocolate eclairs, and choc ices! Why not come and join us!

I particularly like the Paschal Candle behind me - it rather looks like the Day of Pentecost!


John the organist said...

Great photo! Are you taking them to Alton Towers in August? Good to hear and see you at Mass this evening - I got there just too late to serve but the Gabrieli was superb!

Peter Simpson said...

No! I take a break from work during most of July and the whole of August. As I grow older I find it essential to recharge my batteries each year - the summer vacation is really precious! Hence the trip to Legoland in June. I even take a break from Westminster Cathedral during most of August.

I really enjoyed all the alleluias at Mass this evening. The Homily on Christian Joy was also superb.