Sunday, 13 May 2007

It is the Lord!

This lovely picture reminds us of the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus who recongnised Jesus in the breaking of bread, and of Peter and the other disciples who recognised the Risen Lord as he cooked breakfast for them on the Lakeside.

Today is a Day of Resurrection, and we should be filled with holy joy as we proclaim in our Sunday Eucharist - 'It is the Lord!'


John the organist said...

Smashing pictures - thank you! Good old Turvey!

Peter Simpson said...

Yes! The Turvey Abbey posters are fantastic. We have around 70 of them in all (six sets), and change them with the Seasons of the Liturgical Year.

We originally just purchased a set of Stations of the Cross, but I thought they were too prominent for use outside of Lent, so we started to buy more, and more!

The can be obtained from McCrimmons (Tel. 01702 218956). They are excellent value.