Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fort George - 7

I have to express my concerns - this was billed as the 'modern' section. I hope the 'enemy' doesn't see this photo!

The British Army's equipment is constantly being updated and modified using valuable feedback from troops on the ground using the equipment wherever they are in the world.

Specialised trial and development units rigorously test all new enhancements in armoured vehicles, artillery, infantry equipment and clothing, making sure we have the very best available. Supplementing the Ministry of Defence's long-term, planned equipment programme are Urgent Operational Requirements (UOR), which provide fast equipment solutions for operations.

Some of the latest equipment is use in Afghanistan, delivered as UOR, includes the Supacat M-WMIK 'Jackal' vehicle, the heavily protected Mastiff and Ridgback vehicles, Foxhound protected patrol vehicle, grenade machine guns, underslung grenade launchers, mortar systems, and state-of-the-art personal equipment.

I have the feeling that none of this was on display at Fort George!

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