Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fort George - 13

On the menu today we have wartime cottage pie.


1 lb mince beef ( note a weeks ration of mince beef for one person was about 1/2 lb )
several large potatoes
2 oz cheese
dried herbs (Rosemary & Thyme work well)
salt and pepper
beef stock like bovril ( 1 pint or more)
bisto gravy powder
peas and finely chopped carrots and onion
blob butter or margarine


Brown the mince
Add the chopped vegetables
Add salt and pepper and herbs
Add beef stock, stir and simmer for 15 minutes (thickening towards the end by mixing bisto powder with a little cold water to a runny paste and adding to beef stirring all the time- beef sauce should be quite thick!)
Meanwhile chop up all the potatoes into small chunks
Place in salted hot water and bring to the boil until tender and drain.
Mash with generous blobs of butter or margarine, add salt and pepper to taste
Finally add milk so mash is spreadable
Place beef sauce in a small cooking tray with deep sides or shallow casserole dish
Pipe or spread mashed potato on top
Sprinkle with 2 oz of grated strong cheddar and some dried herbs
Place in oven until cooked and the top is brown

Remember - an army marches on its stomach!

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