Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wick - 4

One of the most beautiful buildings in Wick is the modern building belonging to Wick College.

North Highland College (UHI) has four campuses in Dornoch, Wick, Thurness, and Thurso. The college prides itself in offering courses, which not only meet the distinct needs of the local community, but also relies on its talent and strength. As a result, students can choose from subjects such as, equestrian studies, nuclear sciences, and veterinary nursing. The college also has the distinction of offering Scotland's first ever degree course in golf management.

We pray for all the staff and students as we sing our hymn.

Lord of beauty, thine the splendour
shown in earth and sky and sea,
burning sun and moonlight tender,
hill and river, flower and tree:
lest we fail our praise to render
touch our eyes that they may see.

Lord of wisdom, whom obeying
mighty waters ebb and flow,
while unhasting, undelaying,
planets on their courses go:
in thy laws thyself displaying,
teach our minds thyself to know.

Lord of life, alone sustaining
all below and all above,
Lord of love, by whose ordaining
sun and stars sublimely move:
in our earthly spirits reigning,
lift our hearts that we may love.

Lord of beauty, bid us own thee,
Lord of truth, our footsteps guide,
till as Love our hearts enthrone thee,
and, with vision purified,
Lord of all, when all have known thee,
thou in all art glorified.

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