Monday, 14 October 2013

Wick - 1

I recently went on a train journey from Inverness to Wick. The train left Inverness at 7.06 am and arrived into Wick at 11.32 am.

The Far North Line is a rural railway line entirely within the Highland area of Scotland, extending from Inverness to Thurso and Wick. It is the northernmost railway in the United Kingdom. The line has many sections of single-track, mostly north of Dingwall (home of the famous Highland Theological College). In common with other railway lines in the Highlands and northern Lowlands, it is not electrified and all trains are diesel-powered.

Split by the river Wick on the Estuary in the North East of Scotland. On the South side of the river is Pulteneytown the heart of the fishing industry where Wick harbour is located. Wick has a busy shopping centre. Wick was thought to originate in a viking settlement the name coming from the norse word VIK meaning bay.

Happy birthday to my Mother (Jean) - she is 93 today!

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