Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer in my Garden - 6

Victoria has requested a more general view of my garden - this is about the best I can do!

My next door neighbour is a landscape gardener, and recently he left me a large amount of wood (left over from a job) for use in my woodburning stove. The wood was far too large to fit into the stove and so needed sawing up before it could be stored in my wood shelter. This job was way beyond me, and I had to wait for him to find time to complete the task using his circular saw. He is extremely busy during the summer months, but eventually found time to do the deed yesterday. Until then, much of my garden resembled a timber yard, and so my photos have been cleverly shot to avoid the timber!

I will certainly be keeping nice and warm during the coming winter months!

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Victoria said...

Thank you Peter. What a lovely display. How you must enjoy working in your garden.