Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Ripon Cathedral - 7

The stone pulpitum screen, which divides the choir from the nave and house the organ loft, dates from around 1480. Originally a stone pulpit (now in the north transept) stood on it, from where the Bible was read to the congregation in the nave.

The only surviving medieval carving, just above the central archway, depicts the Holy Trinity. The present statues were installed in 1947 and painted in 1958.

We have a gospel to proclaim
Good news for men in all the earth;
The gospel of a Saviour’s name:
We sing His glory, tell His worth.

Tell of His birth at Bethlehem,
Not in a royal house or hall
But in a stable dark and dim:
The Word made flesh, a light for all.

Tell of His death at Calvary,
Hated by those He came to save;
In lonely suffering on the cross
For all He loved His life He gave.

Tell of that glorious Easter morn:
Empty the tomb, for He was free.
He broke the power of death and hell
That we might share His victory.

Tell of His reign at God’s right hand,
By all creation glorified;
He sends His Spirit on His Church
To live for Him, the Lamb who died.

Now we rejoice to name Him King:
Jesus is Lord of all the earth.
This gospel message we proclaim:
We sing His glory, tell His worth.

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