Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ripon Cathedral - 6

Among the Cathedral's most distinctive features are the mismatched pillars and arches of the central crossing. Rebuilding after the tower's collapse in 1450 was delayed by the War of the Roses but recommenced in the 1480's in the new Perpendicular style.

The Cathedral contains three copper statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Two of these are in the crossing. Many visitors light a candle and say a prayer here.

During the Easter Season the paschal candle stands at the centre of the crossing and burns continually for 50 days - a powerful symbol of the light of the Risen Lord.

The day of resurrection! Earth, tell it out abroad;
The Passover of gladness, the Passover of God.
From death to life eternal, from earth unto the sky,
Our Christ hath brought us over, with hymns of victory.

Our hearts be pure from evil, that we may see aright
The Lord in rays eternal of resurrection light;
And listening to His accents, may hear, so calm and plain,
His own “All hail!” and, hearing, may raise the victor strain.

Now let the heavens be joyful! Let earth the song begin!
Let the round world keep triumph, and all that is therein!
Let all things seen and unseen their notes in gladness blend,
For Christ the Lord hath risen, our joy that hath no end.

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