Monday, 4 February 2013

The Forests of Inverness - 8

Today we are visiting Craig Phadrig Forest.

Craig Phadrig is a prominent hill overlooking Inverness, the Beauly Firth and the inner Moray Firth. There are the remains of an historical Pictish Fort on its summit.

The open nature of the woodland which contains a variety of trees, along with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside make Craig Phadrig the ideal place for an enjoyable woodland walk right on the doorstep of Inverness.

There is a regular bus service that runs from Church Street in the middle of Inverness to the Scorguie and Balnafettack areas - which are adjacent to Craig Phadrig Wood.


Maria Kolbe said...

I understand that this isn't related to your post, but passing on the message:

Dear friend,


Tomorrow (5th of February), the first bill proposing same-sex marriage is going to be heard in British Parliament. I ask you to join me, and many others, in the praying of a rosary tomorrow to ask for Our Lady's intercession in this. We are aiming to pray together at 12 am, noon (GMT) tomorrow. Pray whatever you are able to do - a decade, a Mystery, the full Rosary, even a short prayer to Our Lady -to beg for her help.

It is our hope that if Catholics pray together for this, we can gain Our Lady's intercession in this dark hour.

Please pass the message on any way you can! Email, blog, text, social media. 12 am tomorrow - a worldwide rosary for the defense of marriage.

God Bless.

Maria Kolbe

Jane Frances said...

This reminds me of the forest we lived on in Surrey - beautiful fir trees and deer drinking in the stream,

Peter Simpson said...

I lived in Surrey between 1990 and 2008. Which forest were you thinking of?

Linds said...

Maria Kolbe,
You sanctimonious witch! Using a totally unrelated platform from
which to espouse your hatred. Call yourself a Christian? You need to reread the
teachings of Christ to find any reference to his being homophobic; I can assure
you that you'll have a fruitless search.
Oh and by the way, "defense" is spelt with a "c" you illiterate bigot.