Thursday, 10 May 2012

St Andrews - 8

Having spent the morning visiting the university and castle, I was ready to sit down for lunch at the magnificent Doll's House Restaurant. Sadly, this is not the Duchess of Cambridge making me a cup of coffee; though I did manage to persuade her father-in-law to appear on the blog - see below!

Lunch Menu
Thursday 26th April – Wednesday 9th May 2012
£6.95 for 2 courses (starter & main) Supplement = S

Freshly made soup of the day
Chilled Galia melon with confit pear and passion fruit syrup
Doll’s House smoked haddock and bacon chowder
Steamed Scottish rope mussels in a spicy bacon and herb broth – S £2.45
Spinach and goat’s cheese parfait, mango salsa and rocket
Confit duck and chorizo terrine, tomato and pickle – S £2.95
Twice cooked belly of Carnoustie pork, braised pak choi with a honey and soy jus
Mushroom risotto with aged Parmesan and truffle butter – S £1.95 Pan roasted chicken supreme with spicy peanut sauce
Fillets of red mullet, pickled vegetables and beetroot essence Pan seared Angus rump steak with marsala cream sauce – S £3.95
or upgrade to sirloin – S £4.50
Penne pasta in a creamy chilli sauce with artichokes and olives
Fillet of sea bream, buttered mussels and garden pea guacamole – S £2.00
Poached fillet of Scottish salmon with a wild garlic risotto
All served with seasonal vegetables and potatoes - and bread and butter

Small wonder it was popular with Prince William and Kate Middleton!

At the Lamb's high feast we sing
praise to our victorious King,
who hath washed us in the tide
flowing from his pierced side;
praise we him, whose love divine
gives his sacred Blood for wine,
gives his Body for the feast,
Christ the victim, Christ the priest.

Where the Paschal blood is poured,
death's dark angel sheathes his sword;
Israel's hosts triumphant go
through the wave that drowns the foe.
Praise we Christ, whose blood was shed,
Paschal victim, Paschal bread;
with sincerity and love
eat we manna from above.

Mighty victim from on high,
hell's fierce powers beneath thee lie;
thou hast conquered in the fight,
thou hast brought us life and light:
now no more can death appall,
now no more the grave entrall;
thou hast opened paradise,
and in thee thy saints shall rise.

Easter triumph, Easter joy,
sin alone can this destroy;
from sin's power do thou set free
souls newborn, O Lord, in thee.
Hymns of glory and of praise,
Risen Lord, to thee we raise;
Holy Father, praise to thee,
with the Spirit, ever be.

As you know, I recently added a weather widget to this blog. In an attempt to improve things further, there will now be an occasional full weather forecast. Our forecaster tonight is none other than HRH The Duke of Rothesay (Prince Charles).

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