Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Taste of Scotland - 21

Today at Dean's our hand-baking process is just the same as Helen's but on a larger scale. Here’s how it's done.

We follow Helen’s original home recipe using only the finest ingredients - most of which come from the same suppliers we have always used.

The ingredients are sieved and mixed to exact quantities in, what is literally, a scaled up mixing bowl. Once the dough is of a soft, creamed and light consistency, it is transferred onto baking trays, where it is hand-pricked with a ‘prickle docker’ and is ready for a slow oven-bake. The trays are hand-racked and placed in the oven, where the shortbread is judged by eye to ensure the bake is just right - a real skill! When ready, the racks are lifted out with oven gloves, and while still warm, the shortbread is hand-cut with a knife and dusted with sugar using a sieve.

The biscuits are primarily left to cool naturally (just like Helen used to do), which allows the smell to permeate through the town. Once cool, the product is trimmed and packed by hand as quickly as possible to keep all that freshness in.

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