Monday, 20 December 2010

Glendoe Hydro Power Plant - 7

When I arrived at the plant, I was amazed by the high degree of security. It was as if I was entering a new world - and in some ways, I was! When I arrived at the mouth of the tunnel, the journey on foot to the present sight of working was 1 mile long, and we descended to a depth of a quarter of a mile below the surface. On the plus side, it was much warmer inside the tunnel than outside!

SEE did not agree to the request to cease work all day, but did agree to a 2 hour suspension. All work stopped at 3.00 pm and the blessing was to begin at 4.00 pm. Work was to recommence at 5.00 pm. I was amazed that I had been asked to bring some altar candles with me, but assured that tests for any gas leaks were carried out before they were lit. I used plenty of holy water during the blessing, but was not allowed to use any incense!

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