Saturday, 24 July 2010

Parish Barbecue - 6

The weather was not ideal barbecue weather, but after a heavy rain shower we were blessed with a lovely rainbow to send us on our way.

O Love that wilt not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
that in thine ocean depths its flow
may richer, fuller be.

O Light that followest all my way,
I yield my flickering torch to thee;
my heart restores its borrowed ray,
that in thy sunshine's blaze its day
may brighter, fairer be.

O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
and feel the promise is not vain,
that morn shall tearless be.

O Cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life's glory dead,
and from the ground there blossoms red
life that shall endless be.

George Matheson, 1882

On Monday, we are off to sunnier shores, as I recall the Hampton Court Flower Show.


John the organist said...

I loathe this hymn - the tune is unimpressive and the words equally so - I suppose one must have one's pet hates!

Peter Simpson said...

I don't particularly like the hymn myself, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that words are unimpressive. It is worth reading the story behind the writing of the words.