Friday, 30 July 2010

Hampton Court Flower Show - 5

This lovely show garden, called Birchfield was designed by Jack Dunckley.

In the show catalogue Jacks Says:

Welcome to my garden.

It's great to be back! This is the second garden I have designed at The Hampton Court Flower Show and I absolutely love being here.

Last year, I won a Silver Medal for my design 'A Deserts Delight' and this year I want to go one stage further and win Gold with my garden design called 'Birchfield'.

Last summer, I made many new friends here and learnt so much from the other designers. I'm 17 and this has been such a big year for me so far. I've really enjoyed designing 'Birchfield' and last month I passed my driving test. In between the fun stuff, I'm currently studying for my A-levels which can be quite challenging at times.

I'm afraid Jack only won a Silver Medal again this year - we wish him better luck with his A-levels!

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