Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Stanley Mills - 7

Here we see an order from Wykes of Leicester placed on 10 August 1978.

India became independent in 1947 and imposed import tariffs on cotton goods, damaging a major export market. The growing availability of electricity also shrank the market for belting.

By the late 1960s, Stanley was mainly producing artificial fibres. In 1979, a management buyout led to the formation of Stanley Mills (Scotland), but the market proved too competitive and the mills eventually closed in 1989.

It has now been restored by Historic Scotland and is open to the public. Be among the first to enjoy our new hi-tech interactive visitor experience at the spectacular 18th-century water mill complex beside the River Tay.

The visitor centre tells the stories of those who worked there and the products they made. The superb interactive displays let you discover if your fingers are as nimble as a child labourer’s or compete to see if you are tough enough in business to make the mills profitable. Hear the clamour of the factory floor and see how engineers harnessed the energy of the Tay as well as the machinery that turned raw cotton into products sold around the world.

We think about the passing of the years as once more we prepare to keep Armistice Day.


Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Err! Have you gone a bit green Peter?

Peter Simpson said...

Whilst I majored (two-thirds) in economics at university, I did a minor (one-third) in economic and social history. I guess that my interest in this is coming out in some of my posts!

I do try and be a little green at home. I cycle a lot, recycle all my papers, and grow many of my own vegetables. I should add that green is my favourite liturgical colour. And of course (except during Advent and Lent), my blog has a green colour scheme!