Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Stanley Mills - 1

I hope you were not late - you have to clock on at 6.00 am sharp! Of course, at this time of year the Mill will still be in darkness as you walk down the road from your humble lodging.

Work is sweet, for God has blest
honest work with quiet rest;
rest below and rest above,
in the mansions of his love,
when the work of life is done,
when the battle's fought and won.

Work ye, then, while yet 'tis day,
work, ye Christians, while ye may;
work for all that's great and good,
working for your daily food,
working whilst the golden hours,
health and strength and youth are yours.

Working not alone for gold,
not for work that's bought and sold;
not the work that worketh strife,
but the working of a life;
careless both of good or ill,
if ye can but do his will.

Working ere the day is gone,
working till your work is done;
not as traffickers at marts,
but as fitteth honest hearts;
working till your spirits rest
with the spirits of the blest.

Yes, don't expect much pay at the end of the week!

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