Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer in London - 8

Here I am at the main stand for Walkers Shortbread.

A byword for excellence, Walkers Shortbread is a rare exception in the food manufacturing industry, being a traditional family business with a global reputation.

Established by Joseph Walker 100 years ago in the village of Aberlour in Speyside, the company is run by Joseph's grandchildren and great-children, who maintain the tradition of producing the finest shortbreads, oatcakes, cakes and biscuits, to original recipes.

Consumer demand has led to more advanced production methods, yet Walkers products are still baked in small batches using the finest natural ingredients to preserve their classic taste.

Small wonder they have been granted a Royal Warrant - which you can see proudly displayed at the top of this magnificent photo.

A friend who saw this photo said that I appeared to have put on weight. Actually, I'm not sure I had at this stage, although I had eaten lots of free samples of Walkers products just before the photo was taken! However, I dread to think how I must have looked by the end of the day after having free samples of ice cream, coffee, cheese, bread, wine, whisky, gin, bacon, steak, smoked salmon, and chocolate! I probably looked more like Friar Tuck by the time I left the Palace!

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