Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Springtime in my Garden - 14

I always think my garden looks its worst at this stage of the year - it looks more like a building site!

All the spring bedding has been removed and now the summer bedding has been planted - but the young plants are not yet in flower - they still have plenty of growing to do. I have little doubt that the next time I show you this scene it will be a riot of colour!

I have planted out six hanging baskets, and each basket contains 13 plants - making 78 in all. There care six trailing lobelia in Cambridge blue and seven petunias in patriotic colours. The raised bed contains 29 antirrhinums in assorted colours and 9 patriotic petunias.

You can see the barbecue stove in the background - it remains to be seen whether it will be used this year!

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