Friday, 25 January 2013

Christian Unity Octave - 8

For our final stop during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity we find ourselves at Inverness Methodist Church.

The attractive buildings put up on the Inverness riverside during the 1960's. They replaced a former building in Union Street that had been destroyed by fire on 7th December 1961.

This had originally been a music hall. It had become the Methodist Church in the 1920's when their earlier premises at the junction of Inglis Street and Academy Street had become unable to hold all those attending services.

The precise origins of Methodism in Inverness are lost in the mists of time. Undoubtedly the visits of John Wesley to the city were of great importance. His first visit was in June 1764. He was prevented from preaching outdoors because of the rain but was invited to preach in the High Kirk.

When he arrived he found it full. He remarked in his Journal that he, 'seldom found a greater liberty of spirit.' Impressed by his visit he also wrote, 'Were it only for this day, I should not have regretted the riding an hundred miles'. This sentence is reproduced in the Wesley Memorial Window in the present church.

Wesley was complimentary about Inverness. At the end of his visit he said that it had, 'all things needful for life and goodliness.' He described the people as being of a friendly, courteous behaviour.

your love reaches out to all mankind,
and you have commanded us to follow your Son our Saviour:
Give us grace to do your will,
and to share in your Church#s mission
to proclaim the gospel of your love to all the world;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Almighty God,
you caused the light of the gospel
to shine throughout the world
through the preaching of your servant Saint Paul:
Grant that we who celebrate his wonderful conversion
may follow him in bearing witness to your truth;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Of all the churches, it is the Methodists who are most fond of hymn singing. Perhaps I should join them!

1 Born in song!
God's people have always been singing.
Born in song!
Hearts and voices raised.
So today we worship together;
God alone is worthy to be praised.

2 Praise to God!
Sing praise to the one who has made us.
Praise to God
whose image we bear.
Heaven and earth are full of God's glory;
let creation praise God everywhere.

3 Christ is king!
He left all the glory of heaven.
Christ is king!
Born to share in our pain;
crucified, for sinners atoning,
risen, exalted, soon to come again.

4 Sing the song!
God's Spirit is poured out among us.
Sing the song!
We're created anew.
Every member part of the Body;
given God's power, God's will to seek and do.

5 Tell the world!
All power to Jesus is given.
Tell the world!
He is with us always.
Spread the word, that all may receive him;
every tongue confess and sing his praise.

6 Then the end!
Christ Jesus shall reign in his glory.
Then the end
of all earthly days.
Yet above the song will continue;
all his people still shall sing his praise.

Happy Feast!

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