Friday, 28 September 2012

The Garden of Westhill - 29

I suppose that my favourite crop is my tomatoes! They seem to take over my life for around 6 months each year. It was either a dog or tomatoes, and tomatoes won!

The seed was sown on Good Friday - 6 April and took around 10 days to germinate. It cost £2.99 for 10 seeds, and 9 germinated and were potted on. Eventually the best six plants were selected for transplanting into two grow bags (3 plants per bag) - all this happened by the end of May. By the end of June the plants were well-established and during July they raced up the canes to over 6ft tall. August was the month of flowering, September the month of the fruit setting and growing, and hopefully October will be the month of the fruit ripening ready for harvest.

Perhaps a dog would have been easier!

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