Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Kenmore Kirk - 2

The parish church built to serve Kenmore in 1760 reused parts of an earlier church built in 1669. It stands at the west end of The Square on a site that drops steeply on two sides to Loch Tay.

Another feature that was important to the success of the newly redeveloped village was the construction in 1774 of the seven arch Kenmore Bridge, built across the River Tay immediately to the north west of the village, where the river flows out of Loch Tay. It is said that £1000 towards the cost of its building was donated by George III.

The main road through the village uses the western two thirds of The Square before turning south to run along the east end of Loch Tay. The quieter eastern end of The Square is home to the village information centre and is dominated by the elaborate stone gateway leading to the estate of Taymouth Castle. Much of the estate is now a golf course. Taymouth Castle itself is vast and imposing. It was built between 1802 and 1842 on the site of the earlier Balloch Castle and is said to contain some of the most opulent interiors from the era anywhere in the UK.

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