Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Harvest Festival - 3

Here we see an old farmhouse at the site of the Battle of Culloden (1746).

Fair waved the golden corn,
In Canaan’s pleasant land,
When full of joy, some shining morn,
Went forth the reaper band.

To God so good and great
Their cheerful thanks they pour;
Then carry to His temple gate
The choicest of their store.

Like Israel, Lord, we give
Our earliest fruits to Thee,
And pray that, long as we shall live,
We may Thy children be.

Thine is our youthful prime,
And life and all its powers,
Be with us in our morning time,
And bless our evening hours.

In wisdom let us grow,
As years and strength are given,
That we may serve Thy Church below,
And join Thy saints in Heaven.


John the organist said...

We sang this at the Harvest festival flower festival!

Peter Simpson said...

There is a superb hymn for a flower festival coming up tomorrow!