Sunday, 5 July 2009

12th Anniversary of Ordination

What a lovely photo!

Today I celebrate the 12th Anniversary of my ordination on Saturday 5 July 1997. I shall be preaching at the 9.30 am Mass at St Columba's Culloden and at the 11.00 am Mass at St Mary's Inverness. I imagine that many people will choose to attend St Ninian's Inverness instead!

On a completely different note, I have just received a comment to one of my posts way back in February. It contains a request for information about making Scotch Pies and is unlikely to be seen by anyone unless I copy it here - so here goes!

Hi everyone,
I'm a Scots "exile" currently in Rome. I have repeatedly tried to make these pies but my pastry is too "cakey", crumbles and is hard to form. The genuine article is slightly flexible....Does anyone have any tips how to do better?
By the way I'm a fomer student of the Scots College.

Please send a comment if you have any ideas.

On that culinary note, let me wish you all a Happy Sunday!


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Many congratulations Peter!

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Many congratulations!