Thursday, 18 September 2008

Exeter Cathedral - 9

Here we have a photo of the Nave Altar of the Cathedral. Very much in Pope Benedict style - central cross and six candles. I like the impressive green frontal.

You can see the lovely screen behind the altar which divides the choir and high altar from the nave of the Cathedral.


Edbowie said...

Yes, a lovely laudian frontal; interesting feature of the embroidery at Exeter is that they have off white Lenten Array for every single altar in the cathedral and veils for all the crosses although the practice of veiling crosses varies from one year to another.

Peter Simpson said...

I'm not surprised - almost all the altars were in green when I was there. Although I like Lenten Array, I'm not a fan of veils! We no longer veil the crosses and statues at St Thomas Aquinas Ham during Passiontide - this does not go down well with those attending Tridentine Masses in the church!