Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Farewell to Betty

Today I am saying farewell to Betty Wells. She would have been 91 years old yesterday, but died in hospital on Thursday 27 September. I was able to be with her that evening. It came as no surprise that she requested me to preside at her burial following a Solemn Requiem Mass at St Thomas Aquinas Church, Ham. She had planned her funeral down to the smallest detail - including visiting the undertakers in August to pay for it. She requested white, pink and purple lilies - purple vestments for the Mass, but I could wear a white stole for the burial.

She had chosen the three hymns - Abide with me; All things bright and beautiful; and There is a green hill far away.

There was no other good enough
To pay the price of sin:
He only could unlock the gate
Of heaven, and let us in.

Let us pray that Betty will soon be in heaven with all the saints who from their labours rest.

I photographed these lovely pink lilies in Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate on Friday 31 August, after having lunch in the cafe there. And what, you may ask, was the name of the name of the cafe? Well, Bettys of course!


John the organist said...

Lovely. Please confirm that you can still access my blog!

Peter Simpson said...

Confirmation given!

Peter Simpson said...

I see that you are now denying me access to your blog!