Saturday, 24 February 2007

Rail Crash in Cumbria

Let us pray for all those involved in dealing with the aftermath of the derailment of the train travelling yesterday from London Euston to Glasgow. We remember the 84 year old lady who died in hospital, and all those seriously injured. We pray for the police, the ambulance and hospital services, and those who work on the railways.

I was travelling along this section of track myself in the early hours of Ash Wednesday morning. I arrived in London Euston safely in time to act as deacon at the 8.00 am Mass in Westminster Cathedral. I suppose last night's tragedy in Cumbria reminds us all of the need to be ready to meet our loving heavenly Father at any time.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Peter ! Enjoyed your blog.
Oh yes! I remember it well- you are 54 ! No Mars bar thankyou. I have given up chocolate for Lent.

Mother (Superior)