Friday, 26 January 2007

The Christmas Tree!

Well here it is - our Christmas Tree complete with 300 coloured lights. Perhaps not up to the standards of Trafalgar Square - but impressive just the same! The first year after the Chapel was reordered (2000) we had just 100 lights on the tree. It looked a little pathetic, so in 2001 we went up to 200 lights. We still weren't satisfied, so another 100 lights were purchased for 2002. We decided that was enough - after all we didn't want to blow all the fuses in the School!

The tree is lit each year at our Christmas Celebration just as Baby Jesus is laid in the manger. It brightens up the darkened Chapel and reminds us that:
All out of darkness we have light,
which made the angels sing this night:
'Glory to God and peace to men,
now and for evermore. Amen.'

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